PhD Urdu

Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Urdu
Eligibility Criteria:

Admission Criteria; Completion of Prior Degree.

  1. Minimum MS / MPhil or 18 years of education in relevant discipline OR
  2. The candidate should have carried out and successfully defended at least 6 credit hours of research work with dissertation/thesis in MS/MPhil Its equivalent degree or published a research paper in at least “Y” category.
  3. The admission to a program shall be made on the basis of cumulative merit to be determined from the previous academic record, prescribed written test and interview with minimum 70% marks.

 Minimum GPA Requirement

For admission in PhD programs, a minimum CGPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0 in the semester system) or First Division (in the annual system) in the most recent degree obtained is required, whether such was degree obtained from Recognized Pakistani or foreign universities.

Testing Requirement

Applicants to PhD programs shall be required to fulfill the following testing requirements: All applicants to PhD programs are required to take one of the following non subject specific admission test:
The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test administered by the Education Testing Service OR
A GAT administered be Education Testing Council; OR
Admission test developed by ALHAMD Islamic University, for admission in graduate programs.

Degree Completion Timeline: The PhD degree shall be awarded by universities after a minimum of four (4) years and not more than eight (8) years after the enrollment of the student; provided that for students who are unable to complete the program within eight (8) years, the university may designate a competent authority to determine whether the delay was caused by circumstances beyond the student’s control, and if so, grant an extension in such exceptional circumstances; provided further that in no event shall the PhD degree be awarded more than ten (10) years after the enrollment of the student in the program. The date of notification of the award of the PhD degree subsequent to the PhD defense shall be considered to be the date of the completion of PhD studies.

Award of MS/MPhil Degrees on the Basis of PhD Studies: If a student successfully completes the full set of requirements for the award of an MS/MPhil (or equivalent) degree during the course of their PhD studies, the university may award the applicable degree to such students upon completion of the relevant requirements.