Conduct of Students

Integrity and honesty are the basic ingredients of the foundation of any institution of higher learning and form the building blocks of the character of its graduates. The Alhamd Islamic University strives for the highest standards of academic integrity and discipline prevalent at any reputable institution in the world. A Students Discipline Committee and various other measures regularly monitor the activities of the students and are empowered to take requisite measures for maintenance of standards in the University.

Exemplary conduct is expected from the students. Their behavior should not impair or disturb the academic environment of the University. Any breach of discipline by students due to their involvement in cases of propagating of false information, forgery, theft, use of unfair means in examinations or tests, use of the documents with an intent to deceive, failure to comply with instructions issued from time to time and cases of intentional disruption of teaching, research and administrative activities for any reason whatsoever may result in sanctions.

These sanctions may range from award of an in a course to Rustication or an Expulsion of the concerned students from the University. Decision of the Authority in this regard will be final. To this end the University reserves the right to amend, alter, add, delete or change the academic regulations,  program or course contents as and when deemed necessary. All students would be subject to current regulations regardless of their date of admission.


  • Faithfulness in his or her religious duties and respect for convictions of others in matters of religion, conscience and customs or traditions.
  • Loyalty to Pakistan and refraining from doing anything which is repugnant to its honor and prestige in any way.
  • Truthfulness and honesty in dealing with other people.
  • Respect for elders and politeness to all, especially to women children, old, the weak and the helpless people.
  • Special respect for his or her teachers and others in authority in the university.
  • Cleanliness of body, mind, speech and habits.
  • Helpfulness to fellow beings.
  • Devotion to studies and sports.
  • Observance of thrift and protection of public property.
  • Observance of all university rules in force from time to time.