BS Library and Information Sciences (BS LIS)


A four year bachelors program spanning over eight semesters comprises 138 credit hours. Prime objective of this program is to prepare professionally trained librarians for public and private sectors, organization and to produce librarians for fulfilling the needs of complex and increasingly changing environment.

Eligibility Criteria:

Intermediate (FA, FSc, ICom or ICS or equivalent) with minimum 50% marks from any recognized board.

A-Level or Equivalent.

Candidate has to pass AIU Entrance Test and Final Interview.

  1. BS Library and Information Sciences

Semester I

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ENG 101Functional English(English-I)3-0
PKS 103Pakistan Studies2-0
COM 105Introduction to Computer3-0
EDU 108Education3-0
LIS 109Evolution of Libraries & Information Sources(Foundation-I)3-0
LIS 100Information, Library & Society(Foundation-I)3-0
AR-301Functional Arabic I2-0

Semester II

LIS 101Library & Information Services in Pakistan (Major-VII)3-0
LIS 103Basic Classification3-1
LIS 104Basic Cataloguing3-1
LIS 102Evolution of Libraries & Information Sources(Foundation-II)3-0
LIS 105 Management of Library and Information Services(Foundation-I)3-0
AR-312Functional Arabic II2-0

Semester III

LIS 313Marketing of Library and Information Services (Major-III)3-0
LIS 304Collection Development & Management (Foundation-X)3-0
LIS 202Management of Library & Information Centers (Foundation –VII)3-0
ENG 202Communication Skills3-0
LIS 209User Services in Libraries (Foundation-III)3-0
IS-403Islamic Education I/Ethics I2-0

Semester IV

LIS 201Introduction to Publishing and Book Trade (Foundation-VIII)3-0
LIS 203  Use of Emerging Trends in Libraries (Foundation-IV)3-0
ENG 206English-IV(Seminar Based Oral Communication Skills)3-0
LIS 200Organization of Information (Foundation-V)3-0
LIS 205Basic Reference & Information Sources(Foundation-VI)3-0
IS-414Islamic Education II/Ethics II2-0

Semester V

LIS 302Personality Development3-0
LIS 311Applied Classification (Major-I)3-1
LIS 312Research Methodology (Major-II)3-0
ENG 201  Poetry and Play(English-III)3-0
MAT 301  Mathematics3-0
HD-501Hadith-e-Nabvi (SAWW)2-0

Semester VI

STA 203    Introduction to Statistics3-0
LIS 306   Quantitative Research Methods (Foundation-IX)3-0
LIS 314Applied Cataloguing (Major-IV)3-1
LIS 315Library Automation System (Major-V)3-1
LIS 316Information Literacy (Major-XI)3-0

Semester VII

LIS 403Indexing and Abstracting(Major-VIII)3-0
LIS 405Resource Sharing and Networking(Major-IX)3-0
LIS 417Media Librarianship3-0
LIS 418Knowledge Management3-0
LIS 411Qualitative Research Methods(Major-VI)3-0

Semester VIII

LIS 402Information Storage and Retrieval (Major-X)3-1
LIS 419Bibliographical Control3-0
LIS 499Research Project/Internship (60 days)+Viva(Major XII)0-6