BED 1.5


After completing the program, the students will:

  • Create learning opportunities based on the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of students;
  • Create a classroom environment that expedites learning by engaging students in positive social interaction and active learning;
  • Use different technologies to engage the students in meaningful learning in different subjects;
  • Understand the role of assessment and use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate student learning;
  • Apply research skills in their teaching and administrative practices.

Duration: 18 Months (1.5 Years) Total Semesters: 03 Eligibility Criteria: MA/M.Sc. / 16 Year Education with at least 45% Marks Total Credit Hours: 54

1st Semester
S# Code Pre Subject Cr-Hr
1 ED-501 Foundations of Education 3
2 ED-703 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 3
3 DE-501 Curriculum Development 3
4 ED-601 Research Methods in Education 3
5 TE-301 General Methods of Teaching 3
6 DE-303 Human Development and Learning 3
Total 18
2nd Semester
S# Code Pre Subject Cr-Hr
1 TE-402 Teaching Practice I 3
2 ED-303 Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices 3
3 Area of Specialization (Course I) 3
4 Area of Specialization (Course II) 3
5 Area of Specialization (Course III) 3
6 Area of Specialization (Course IV) 3
Total 18
3rd Semester
S# Code Pre Subject Cr-Hr
1 TE-415 TE-402 Teaching Practice II 3
2 ED-606 Educational Management &  Leadership 3
3 ED-708 Citizenship Education and Community Engagement 3
4 TE-601 Professionalism in Teaching 3
5 ED-608 Educational Statistics 3
6 ED-605 Research Project 3
Total 18
Areas of Specialization 1: Areas of Specialization 2:
Technology in Education Course Code Teacher Education Course Code
1. Educational Technology ED-507 1. Secondary Education ED-304
2. Computer in Education ED-407 2. Teacher Education in Pakistan TE-405
3. Broadcast Media DE-401 3. Islamic System of Education TE-406
4. Non Broadcast Media DE-402
Areas of Specialization 3:
Special Education Course Code
  1. Perspectives of Special Education
  1. Introduction to Inclusive Education
  1. Early intervention
  1. Transition from School to Independent life