M.Phil Islamic Study

Program: M. Phil (Islamic Studies) 2 Years 
Objective: Provide in depth knowledge of basic Islamic Sciences such as al-Quran, al-Hadith, al-Fiqh, Islamic History, Islamic Thought, Seerah, Islamic Educational system.
Eligibility  Criteria:   


Admission Criteria; Completion of Prior Degree.

  1. To be eligible for admission to the MS/M. Phil level program, a candidate: shall possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree of minimum of 16 years of schooling or an equivalent qualification in the relevant discipline from a recognized University/Degree Awarding Institute (DAI).

Minimum GPA Requirement

For admission in MS/M.PHIL programs, a minimum CGPA of 2.5 (out of 4.0 in the semester system) or 50% marks (in the annual system) in the most recent degree obtained is required, whether such was degree obtained from Recognized Pakistani or foreign universities.

Testing Requirement

Applicants to MS/M.PHIL programs shall be required to fulfill the following testing requirements: All applicants to MS/M.PHIL programs are required to take one of the following non subject specific admission test:
The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test administered by the Education Testing Service; OR
A GAT administered be Education Testing Council; OR
Admission test developed by ALHAMD Islamic University, for admission in graduate programs.

1st Semester
S# Code Pre Subject Credit Hrs
1 IS-701 Research methodology 3
2 QR-701 Fehm-e-Quran 3
3 IS-702 Study of Seerah and its sciences 3
4 Elective – I 3
Semester Total Credits Hours: 12
2nd Semester
S# Code Pre Subject Credit Hrs
1 QR-702 Science of Tafseer and Methodology of Mufasireen 3
2 IS-703 History of Islam and Islamic revival Moments 3
3 HD-701 Uloom-ul-Hadith 3
4 Elective – III 3
Semester Total Credits Hours: 12
3rd Semester
S# Code Pre Subject Credit Hrs
1 IS-708 718 Applied Research 3
1 IS-707 Research Thesis 6
Elective Subjects
S# Code Pre Subject Credit Hrs
1 IS-704 Dawah-wal-Irshad 3
2 IS-705 History of Islamic culture and civilization 3
3 QR-703 Fiqh wa Ijtihad 3
4 IS-706 Educational system of Islam 3
5 AR-701 Al-Lughat-ul-Arabia 3
6 QR-704 Islam and Contemporary Issues and Theories 3
7 IS-709 Islam and Science 3