Academics Calendar

ALHAMD Islamic University follows the semester system wherein The Spring and The Fall semesters commence in March and August respectively, each comprising a period of eighteen weeks i.e. sixteen weeks of classroom studies, and two weeks of examination.

Induction of Winter Semester is subject to the need as it arises. However, this particular semester covers a shorter span of time, i.e. from December (on the conclusion of the Fall Semester) to February (prior to the commencement of the Spring Semester). Excerpt of the Academic calendar giving exact dates of commencement/completion of each semester are displayed on the notice board. Such excerpts also provide information regarding dates for supplementary activities such as, seminars, guest-speaker sessions, and field-visits which are academically planned for the semester.



  • Spring Session: 15th April (Tentative), YEAR.
  • Fall Session: 1st October (Tentative), YEAR.

A Session Consume One Semester for the duration of Six Months Approx.
Semester contain program of studies in different disciplines (departments).
Program has number of Courses (Subjects), depending on Program needs & Academics Policy.
Each Course of Study is divided into two areas:

1.    Semester Academics = 30%
2.    Semester Examinations = 70%

Semester Academics Consists = 10% + 20%

10%= Monthly Attendance.
20%= Monthly Academics.

Monthly Attendance and Academics must be evaluated for each course in each program.
Course  is a responsible to keep record on Monthly Academics Sheet for each month.
Program Coordinator is responsible to keep record of  all courses on Semester Academics Sheet.
At the end of Semester, the average of 10’s & 20’s must be calculated for each course.

Semester Examinations Consists = 30% + 40%

30%= Mid Term Examination in the mid of semester.
40%= Final Term Examinations at the end of Semester.

Each of above examination must be start in following manner :

  • Notification  for courses with  Examination date and last date of Paper submission.
  • Notification for students with Examination Date sheet and last date of semester clearance.
  • Maintain invigilator list for conducting papers as per date sheet.
  • Distribution of papers to the course  for checking and creating award list.
  • Collecting award list and data feeding.

Academic Calendar (Spring 2017)

Description Day Date
Admissions Open Tuesday 24 march 2017
Orientation for Interested Applicant  Thursday 2 April 2017
Last Date of Admission Form Submission Wednesday 29 April 2017
Admission Form Submission with Late Fee Plenty  Wednesday 6 May 2017
Entry Test / Interview for Business Administration Monday 11 May 2017
Entry Test / Interview for Computer Sciences Monday 11 May 2017
Entry Test / Interview for Commerce/Education/Others Monday 11 May 2017
Admission Confirmation List Displayed Tuesday 12 May 2017
Deadline for Payments of Spring Semester 2015 Tuesday 12 May 2017
First day of Class Wednesday 13 May 2017
Mid-term Examinations Friday 10 July 2017
Student Teacher Assessment Thursday 9 July 2017
Resumption of Classes after Mid Term Exam Wednesday 5 August 2017
Final Examinations Tuesday 22 September 2017
Note: * Subject to the moon appearance; declared by the Government