Although the students are encouraged to attend all the Lectures and Laboratories work pertaining to their courses of study, required to attend at least 75% of the total Lectures/Lab work for each course to qualify for appearance in the examination.


Once registered for a semester, students may add or drop courses only with approval of their Deans and in conformity with the prescribed procedures and time-limits. Courses dropped during this period are not shown on the semester result.


Students have to register for their courses during the period specified for the purpose before the commencement of a semester. The E-Cell before the start of every semester will notify the registration deadline. Requests for late registration for valid reasons can be entertained by the Rector till the end of the third week of a semester. However, such students pay a late fee of Rs. 200/- per day.


Students may withdraw from one or more courses with the approval of the Dean between the 4th and 10th week of a semester. In such cases, a W grade appears on their transcripts. Any withdrawal after the 10th week entails award of an F grade in the course.


An (I) grade is given to students in a course if:
1. They could not appear in the final examination due to valid medical reasons.
2. They do not complete its requirements within the prescribed time-limits, and the instructor is convinced that it was because of circumstances beyond their control, and that only a minor component of the course is outstanding. The outstanding requirement, in such cases, is to be met during the first two weeks of the next semester, and the students themselves are responsible to make arrangements for the purpose with their instructors. Failing this the I grade is converted to F grade. They cannot be re-registered for a course in which they have the I grade. The grade point average of a student for a semester is calculated excluding the I grade, and it is re-calculated when a regular grade has been awarded in the course.


Courses in which students secure F grade, and which are a requirement for the degree have to be repeated in entirety. They may choose a substitute course only if there is an alternative in the curriculum. Students can repeat courses for which they obtained D+ or D grade, on the condition that they repeat the courses within 3 semesters after the semesters in which they obtained these grades. In case of repeated courses, all grades achieved by students appear in their transcripts. However, only the latest grade will be counted for the Cumulative Grade Point Average.


If a student interrupts his study programs for a period longer than one semester then, upon his return, all the credits previously earned by him at the Institute are evaluated by the Dean to determine their relevance to the changes made in the curriculum, if any. He may be required to modify his degree plan to ensure conformity to the latest version of the curriculum.


All courses comprises of weekly formal lectures including tutorials, laboratory work, discussion sessions and seminars. Some courses involves project / field work with demonstration / written presentation.
Mid term examination will be conducted in the middle of each semester and final semester examination will be conducted at the end of every semester following all the rules and regulations given above.


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