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QEC Policy and Regulations

The principles underlying quality assurance are
That all staff are accountable and responsible for ensuring that the very best quality of service is provided to all our students and customers whether internal or external to the organisation. 
​2. ​
That we will seek to achieve continuous improvement of quality in all areas of our work so those internal and external students and customers are provided with a better and improving quality of service. 
That all areas of the college work to a clearly defined planning and review cycle which is used to link strategic and operational planning and which provides for clear and regular processes of monitoring, evaluation and review. 
 That the policy is actively led by senior managers and supported by all staff. It will be promoted in a climate where staff are supported and trained to provide a higher quality service and where good practice and innovation is celebrated and shared across the organisation.
​The main objectives of the policy are to: 
1.​ Review all aspects of College activities, on a regular basis, in order to provide self-assessment data.
2. Develop, maintain and continually improve a range of quality operational procedures covering all aspects of the college operation.
3. Systematically audit procedures and give feedback to staff. 
4. Support staff in the performance of their professional roles. 
1. Everyone is responsible for ensuring quality within his / her area and fully implementing and managing the appropriate quality assurance procedures.
2. Teachers are responsible for ensuring the quality of the students’ experience within the University. This includes the utilization of appropriate learning and teaching strategies and making sure that the students are effectively counselled, advised and tutored throughout their program .
 3. Support staffs are responsible for ensuring the quality of the student experience within their area of work. 
4. The Quality Director is the Head of training. Their role will be to develop, monitor and evaluate quality assurance strategies and quality control procedures. They must make sure that all staff are aware of, and involved in, these processes. 

Volume 3

Al-Ḥamd Islāmīkā Vol:3 Issue:1

S.No.  Title & Authors  Page No View

Title: Islam and Democracy: In the Light of Thoughts of Maulana Abu Ala Mawdudi

Authors: Dr Sultan Mahmood, Dr.Nasiruddin

 1-17 Download

Title: Introduction to some famous Quranic commentaries of the early three centuries of the Islamic Era and their author’s

Authors: Dr. Ebad Ur Rehman, Dr. Rasheed 

1-102 Download

Al-Ḥamd Islāmīkā Vol:3 Issue:2

S.No.  Title & Authors  Page No View

Title: Islam and the Judicial System of Pakistan

Authors: Dr Nasir Ud Din, Dr Sultan Mahmood

1-27 Download

Title:The germination, resprouting and growth of plants by fire-A scholarly review

Authors: Dil Jan Khan, Ezaz Ullah

1-89 Download

Volume 1

Al-Ḥamd Islāmīkā Vol:1 Issue:1

S.No.  Title & Authors  Page No View

 Title: Article 248 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 in perspective of Islamic Law.

Authors:Muhammad Haroon Khani Muhammad Naeem

1-31   Download
2 Title:Critical analysis of Ahmaduddin's principles for explanaiton of the Holy Quran Authors: Dr. Sohail Anwar, Dr. Mohammad Ayaz 1-110 Download

Volume 2

Al-Ḥamd Islāmīkā Vol:2 Issue:1

S.No.  Title & Authors  Page No View

 Title: Impact of Zia’s Islamization on Pakistani Society

Authors:Dr Nasir Ud Din,Syed AsimMunir

1-12   Download

Title:Dumb and his point matters in Wedlock, Divorce and Trading: a research study

Authors: Mr. Mumtaz Khan, Hafiz Shah Bakhat Rawan

1-129 Download

Al-Ḥamd Islāmīkā Vol:2 Issue:2

S.No.  Title & Authors  Page No View

 Title: Beneffiitts off Forgiiveness:: An Isllamiic and Psychollogiicall Perspecttiive

Authors: Dr. Abad-ur-Rahman, Muhammad Tufail Nawaz

1-26 Download

Title: Mukhayriq – Islam or Judaism? : A scholarly review

Authors: Dil Jan Khan, Mohammad Aezaz Ullah

1-122 Download

Al-Ḥamd Islāmīkā

S# Volume  
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3 Volume 3 View


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    Alhamd Islamic University was conceived by Alhamd Educational System (AES), that was established in the year 1995 with the vision of Promoting Education in all the Sectors of Education. AES is already operating number of educational institutions, research & development organizations like Balochistan Institute of Technology, BIT Girls College, Dar-e-Arqam School of Islam and Modern Sciences, Dar-e-Arqam Girls College, and Quran Research Academy.

    We are extremely grateful to Almighty Allah - The most proficient and the most merciful, who chose us for the noble cause to establish Alhamd Islamic University. Al-Hamdulillah it was formally chartered by the Government of Balochistan under the Act II of 2005. This University is a degree awarding authority in the faculties of Islam, Science, Technology, Education, Law, Arts and Engineering.


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    Our vast number of alumni is one of the most valuable assets of ALHAMD ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (AAA). Over the years, the University has made tremendous efforts to cultivate and strengthen the relationships with its graduates via various channels.

    To foster close association with alumni, we have set up this Alumni Website to provide you all information related to alumni benefits and activities especially offered for you. The aim of this website is to network with the alumni and provide you with current happenings at AAA.

    The Alumni Office facilitates a link for the alumni with the University to provide any help that an alumnus may require. The Office also aiming to achieve the following objectives

      - Build a strong alumni network

      - Engage alumni in various events and activities held at AAA

      - Inform them about the regular happenings at AAA

    The Alumni Office makes sure that a good interactive environment among the alumni and between the alumni and the University is established. To enhance much more efficient networking the Office has developed this web site to provide up to date information with respect to the alumni and events and activities organized for them and also the latest happening at the University.

    Our strong alumni base is one of AAA's keys to success and we've created this to help strengthen your ties to the University and make it easier for you to stay in touch.

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    If you're a creative individual that wants to share your talents with those in need, you've come to the right place! We're glad to have you and want you to find a cause (or multiple causes) that we can help you donate your brilliant creative mind

    If you're looking for a change, why not volunteer with ALHAMD?

    Volunteering is a hands-on way of building a fairer world, one that allows you to get out of your usual routine and experience a culture that's often different from your own. One of the most exciting things about being an Alhamd Volunteer is having the chance to work across diverse activities which aim helping the people in a variety of ways.

    Alhamd Volunteers believe in enabling other people to stretch themselves and strive for a better life independently. Working with your colleagues to find out areas of work that need improvement and how to make this happen, takes longer than simply telling other people what to do. By having time to test your ideas and adapt them to different demands, you leave behind tools and systems that will help your colleagues to handle future challenges on their own.

    If you have any bright ideas or can simply give us a hand in our day to day operations in the Islamabad or Quetta, we would love to hear from you.

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